Special Religious Development (SPRED)

SPRED GroupSPRED is a special religious development program sponsored by the Archdiocese of Indianapolis under the auspices of the Office of Catholic Education. It is specifically designed to meet the spiritual needs of persons with developmental disabilities.

SPRED invites and trains up to eight volunteers from a parish to prepare a special place: a small community of faith, specifically formed to welcome persons with developmental disabilities. Within these communities of faith, participants discover friendship in one-on-one relationships, a place where they belong, and their own giftedness and dignity.

Parish SPRED centers welcome persons with developmental disabilities according to chronological age. There are four groupings:

  • Children: 6-10
  • Youth: 11-17
  • Young Adults: 18-21
  • Adults: 22 and older

SPRED provides training and opportunities for observation; SPRED materials and resources for catechesis and special liturgies. You can learn more about SPRED through the Office of Catholic Education, 317-236-1448 or (800)382-9836 ext. 1448 or by contacting Erin Jeffries at ejeffries@archindy.org.


Local SPRED Groups

Local SPRED Groups

Annual SPRED Events

SPRED Dinner Dance: February 20, 2016 (Photo)

Archdiocesan Disability Awareness and SPRED Family Liturgy: April 3, 2016 (Photo; Photo)

SPRED Overnight Retreat: August 6-7 2016, The Benedict Inn, Beech Grove, IN (Photo)

Click HERE to see a photo album from our 2014 retreat "Hallelujah Luau"

Here are pictures from our 2015 retreat "Wild for God's Love"

SPRED Catechist Evening of Reflection: September 9th, 2015 5:00-9:00 pm, Our Lady of Fatima Retreat House (Photo)

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