The Office of Worship and Evangelization strives to increase awareness of disabilities by assisting parishes with information and strategies for effective communication about persons with disabilities.

The Indiana Governor's Council For People with Disabilities

You will find different informational packets with specialized offerings to a variety of audiences, like this:

Increasing Awareness in the Classroom and with Youth Groups

Click HERE to see events going on for Disabilities Awareness Month and access some great and free resources.


March is Disabilities Awareness Month!

"A Life Like Yours"

This video shares the story of Maddie, who reminds us of the dignity and joy that can be found in every human life.

Click HERE to view!


Lacey and Christian Buchanan: available HERE
 - a young mother shares her story, and the story of her son, who was born with a severe cleft lip, palate, and eyes.

"Don't Call Me Special: A First Look at Disability" by Pat Thomas 
- a great way to introduce younger children to what a disability is, and how people deal with their disabilities and live happy and full lives. (Also available on YouTube as a video/slideshow)














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