Maung, Rev. John S.

Maung, Rev. John S.4524 Wentworth Blvd., Indianapolis, IN 46201

Born July 23, 1939. Ordained May 1, 1963, Madras, South India; pastor, St. Joseph Church, Mandalay, Burma; 1970, associate pastor, St. Emydius, San Francisco; 1972, Epiphany, San Francisco; 1981, associate pastor, St. Lawrence, Indianapolis; 1982, associate pastor, St. Gabriel, Connersville; 1986, incardinated into Archdiocese of Indianapolis, pastor, St. Joseph, Shelbyville; 1998, resigned as pastor, St. Joseph, Shelbyville; in residence at Holy Spirit, Indianapolis; 2009, retired; 2018, suspended from public ministry.

Statement regarding claim of abuse against archdiocesan priest

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