July 17, 2020

Letters to the Editor

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Our faith calls us to stand up for victims of injustice, racism

Our Christian faith calls us to stand up for those who suffer injustice. Our Christian faith also calls us to stand up for those who are victims of racism.

Often we can make excuses in order to avoid issues of justice because such action is not popular. Jesus stood up for people who were ignored, not the “right kind.” He stood up for sinners, and he was crucified for this.

We, too, know that by being Christ’s followers and working for those who are victims of racism, sexism, unfair practices, violence, we can also, as Jesus, be put on a cross.

- Ron Stegman | Guilford

Chrism Mass reminds us of our ‘unity with God and our neighbors’

The pastoral message from our shepherd, Archbishop Charles C. Thompson, at the June 29 chrism Mass at SS. Peter and Paul Cathedral in Indianapolis was the core of our prayer and mission: “unity with God and our neighbors.”

This unity is exemplified in the existential within our Church, which is an immediate presence in action of unity amid diversity. Daily we celebrate this divine reality through grace.

We are a presence of life and love to the world. We celebrate every day the mystical communion of Christ in the Eucharist.

In solidarity, we confront and make an effort to convert and transform the adversities within our human condition.

We as a Catholic Church, a Church instituted by Christ, desire with him to bring fully to his creation his divine grace and presence.

- Gary Taylor | Milan

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