July 3, 2020

Letters to the Editor

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Editor offers inspiration to help us on the Gospel route of living

Criterion Editor Emeritus John Fink has been a major force in the Catholic press for years, yes, many years.

And he continues to teach us with clarity of pen and preparation that clearly enhances and supports his needed message.

Look at his recent editorial in the June 19 issue of The Criterion with the headline “Our history of racism.” He brings together, in a truly convincing way, information we may not know or couldn’t put together as clearly as he.

How proud the American Catholic Church can be to signal this listing of black Catholic members whose lives unfolded Gospel teachings with models that are somehow open to all of us readers.

I’m reminded of St. Augustine hearing the invitation: “Tolle et lege,” i.e. “take up the word of God and read.”

From Fink’s editorial, we can find inspiration to help us to realize that the captured mind of Christ can keep us all on the Gospel route of living.

I first came to study at Saint Meinrad in September of 1951. Upon arrival, I met two black monks whom I lived with until their eternal reward called them to a heavenly home: One, Cyprian Davis; the other, Boniface Hardin. They are the only two Saint Meinrad monks who carried off several honorary doctorates.

Father Cyprian was well known in the Church, at least in America. And think of Father Boniface when you think of Martin University in Indianapolis.

And so, thanks to John Fink!

- Father Lambert Reilly, O.S.B. | Indianapolis

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