April 24, 2020

Letters to the Editor

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Archbishop Thompson demonstrates good judgment by suspending Masses, reader says

This is just to take a moment to show support for Archbishop Charles C. Thompson’s decision to suspend live Masses and go to online liturgies until the COVID-19 crisis abates.

I’ve heard from many fellow Christians, including Catholics, who disagree with the decision and want to play Monday morning quarterback, saying, “If we love Jesus we should go [to church] anyway; God will protect us,” and “Such a decision [to close churches] shows no faith.”

In my area, a couple of churches even made the news by recently ignoring state stay-at-home orders and holding services anyway. Their pastors were quoted as saying, “You can arrest us and put us in jail, but we’re not cancelling services.” Some pastors and members now have COVID-19.

Sacrificing one’s in-person worship experience is an act of love done for one’s neighbor. It’s also the common-sense move. I’m reminded of the early Church and how they met in secret or even in caves, for safety and protection. Yes, they could have met in open and all been rounded up, tortured, and put to death, but then we’d have no Church today.

The archbishop’s decision shows sound reasoning, good judgment and concern for the well-being of all Catholics, especially the most vulnerable.

Thank you.

- Sonny Shanks | Corydon

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