May 18, 2018

Investing with Faith / Elisa Smith

Blended giving allows you to complete the ‘circle of giving’

Elisa SmithAt our Circle of Giving events this month, the archdiocesan Office of Stewardship and Development and the archdiocesan Catholic Community Foundation pay tribute to our Miter Society donors, those who give a minimum annual gift of $1,500 to the United Catholic Appeal (UCA), and our Legacy Society donors, those who have committed to a planned gift or created an endowment fund.

Circle of Giving honors donors of current gifts that help with today’s ministry needs as well as deferred gifts which provide long-term financial security for parishes, schools and agencies. But instead of viewing these types of gifts separately, what if we were to blend current and future giving?

Blended giving is a new term for a charitable giving strategy that provides ways to help with both immediate needs and future needs for a preferred ministry in our archdiocese.

For instance, you can meet immediate needs through weekly contributions to your parish or by participating in the UCA each year. Then, to perpetually continue those gifts to your parish or UCA, you can establish an endowment fund with the Catholic Community Foundation or contribute to an existing one that will pay out enough each year to match your current annual giving.

For example, if you give $1,500 per year to the UCA, you could set up an endowment fund for $30,000 which pays out 5 percent per year—$1,500 that would benefit UCA forever. You could also apply this same strategy for your annual offertory gifts to your parish. Your annual giving to your parish could continue even after your death.

Blended giving allows you to achieve both your religious and personal goals, while also making smart tax and financial planning moves. An endowment fund can be set up now with assets that provide immediate tax savings benefits, or with a deferred gift such as a bequest or beneficiary designation from an IRA or life insurance policy.

The Catholic Community Foundation is your trusted advisor for Catholic philanthropic planning. If blended giving sounds appealing, I urge you to contact us. We are always here to help you and your financial advisor incorporate blended giving into your personal financial plan. Feel free to contact us at or by phone at 1-800-382-9836, ext. 1482. You can also visit our website at

Until next month, may the Lord bless and protect you.

(Elisa Smith is director of the archdiocesan Catholic Community Foundation. Tax information or legal information provided herein is not intended as tax or legal advice and cannot be relied on to avoid statutory penalties. Always check with your legal, tax and financial advisors before implementing any gift plan.)

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