September 3, 2010

Letters to the Editor

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No letters were published this week; here are the letters from last week:

With God or without God?

We as a people ought to be sure about what we are agreeing to accept in our culture.

Our biblical faith, Jesus Christ and Holy Mother Church teach us to go forth and multiply. We are explicitly warned again onanism (birth prevention) and sodomy (defiling the marital bed) so that we will understand that should we care to walk with God, we will see the fruit of his love in our midst.

Within the sacrament of matrimony, one aspect of our “I do” is an “I do” to the reception of life, should it be God’s holy will. It is good to note that the encyclical “Humanae Vitae” (Pope Paul VI, July 25, 1968) follows the decree of the Second Vatican Council, and may be summed up in the following: “Every marital act must be open to the transmission of life.”

Catechesis is the secret to God’s life and his holiness in our lives. With good, true and beautiful instructions, we may enjoy the multitude of our good God’s many blessings and graces, along with his sacred will: be ye perfect as our heavenly Father is perfect.

Should we care to resist the warped catechesis of Hollywood and our beloved culture that is running amok, we must encourage one another to remain free from the stain of this world. Our prayers must encourage one another to meet together to stand in solidarity and subsidiarity so that we may build what our Master has called “His Church.”

This is the Good News: accept self-control. Then, should you marry your virgin, you commit no sin. Yet in spirit and in truth, matrimony is good, religious life is better and, for men, holy orders is best.

For those of you who are concerned about overpopulation, hear the Good News of religious life: celibacy and chastity beget spiritual children in God’s Church. Within matrimony, marital chastity is the answer to those who have difficulties with accepting their fertility and La Leche for spacing children and natural mothering.

The free will options are before you. Make your choice. Do you choose life that includes God or do you choose a pseudo-life that rejects God?

Please, for those of you who reject God, remember this: God loves you, we love you, and the road back to God is simple—repent, turn about and sin no more!

Let us live out his path of peace. Let us tolerate those who cannot tolerate us. Let us set the example and bless those who persecute us. And let us bless those all the more who have helped us and encouraged us to stay the course—for the prize is ours.

Thanks be to God. Alleluia! Go with God.

- Stephen Kappes, Indianapolis

Immigration debate leaves out many important points, reader says

What is it about Catholics in the U.S. not understanding the meaning of the word “illegal”?

When Senate Bill 1070, the law passed by the legislature of Arizona, is discussed, they always agree with the protesters, who say the law is unfair to immigrants.

In quote after quote, the word immigrant(s) is used. Not illegal immigrants, just immigrants. The law seeks to identify people who lack valid U.S. documentation—these people are in violation of our laws. Legal immigrants are welcome.

When are they going to speak out against President Felipe Calderon and his corrupt government in Mexico? If Calderon would free up the Mexican economy so it could provide jobs for its own citizens, we would have no illegal immigration problem on our southern border.

At present, the Mexican government uses the migration of its citizens into America as a safety valve to keep from losing its power in the event the unemployed decide to revolt against its corruption and the citizens’ lack of opportunity.

Are these sympathetic Americans even aware of the wording in the very strict Mexican immigration laws? I doubt it.

Don’t ever try to sneak into that country. Do they ever think about Pemex, Mexico’s state-owned petroleum company? Where does all that Mexican oil money go when Pemex sells millions of barrels every year? Are company profits being siphoned into the pockets of Mexico’s corrupt officials and their cronies rather than into programs to help the country’s unemployed, poor people? Probably.

If American Catholics were truly compassionate, they would care more about why so many Mexicans find it necessary to come through our back door to find work. Legal immigrants continue to give much to this country, and we should welcome them with open arms.

Illegal immigrants should go home and come back through our front door.

- Charles A. Pechette, Indianapolis

It is our Christian duty to speak out as Catholics against gay marriage’s sinful lifestyle

The editorial by Dan Conway in the Aug. 13 issue of The Criterion concerns a judicial approval of gay marriage (an oxymoron).

I do not disagree with the substance of the editorial but, as with everything published on this matter, I believe that from a Catholic perspective much is left unsaid.

The homosexual lifestyle, if indulged in, is demonstrably unnatural. Marriage or not, its sexual practices are repulsive and evil, indeed, intrinsically evil.

The primary and lasting effect of such an unintelligent ruling is that, if upheld, it bestows legitimacy on a sinful lifestyle that may become acceptable and irreversible.

If anyone thinks it is unkind to face these facts, and reprove those involved in this aberration, I remind you that it is a Christian duty to gently do so for the sake of their immortal souls.

- Kenneth de Maillé, Bloomington

Page one stories provide examples of Catholic social teachings in action

The three front-page stories in the Aug. 20 issue of The Criterion were about the devastating floods that threaten millions of people in Pakistan, the medical mission trip of sisters Kelly and Megan Gardner to Peru, and the seminarian pilgrimage to the programs operated by Catholic Charities Indianapolis, including Holy Family Shelter.

Thank you for this news and wonderful reminder of our Catholic social teachings to support solidarity and peace worldwide, and to remember the poor and vulnerable.

We are called to act justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with God, and it was a blessing to see our Church in action.

Please keep reminding us.

- Al Mytty, Indianapolis

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