June 20, 2008

Bishop Bruté’s beatification cause progresses slowly

By Sean Gallagher

The Cause of Beatification and Canonization of the Servant of God Simon Bruté, the founding bishop of the Diocese of Vincennes, was formally opened in 2005.

Since then, much work has been done to trace and get copies of all of Bishop Bruté’s known writings.

Msgr. Frederick Easton, archdiocesan vicar judicial, has helped oversee the work of gathering some 2,000 pages of writings.

He said the work of the Cause’s historical commission in authenticating these writings should be complete in a year or less.

“It’s taking longer because we keep finding new writings,” Msgr. Easton said. “And the more you get, the more difficult it is.”

The work of gathering the writings has been so meticulous that it led Mary Ellen Hauck, a judge instructor/assessor in the archdiocesan Metropolitan Tribunal, to remark at one point that they had everything but Bishop Bruté’s grocery list.

“She spoke too soon,” Msgr. Easton said. “We [now] have his grocery list on which were written some homily notes.”

After the historical commission completes its work, the Cause’s theological commission will evaluate the writings to ensure that there is nothing that contradicts the Church’s teachings on morals and doctrine.

(Contributions to defray the expenses in furthering the Cause should be sent to Bishop Bruté Fund, Archdiocese of Indianapolis, P.O. Box 1410, Indianapolis, IN 46206.) †

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