November 6, 2020

Where does my United Catholic Appeal donation go?

The $6.3 million goal for this year’s United Catholic Appeal will be allocated to archdiocesan ministries and organizations as follows:

16% to help those in need by:

  • providing food, clothing and shelter;
  • teaching life skills to those seeking to rise above poverty;
  • and operating schools in downtown Indianapolis for children of families who cannot otherwise afford a Catholic education.

54% to help priests, seminarians and deacons by:

  • subsidizing high seminarian education costs;
  • supporting formation programs for future deacons;
  • caring for retired archdiocesan priests;
  • and offering retreats and sabbaticals to current archdiocesan priests.

30% for education and catechesis of children and adults by:

  • helping make Catholic campus ministry available at colleges and universities in the archdiocese;
  • supporting teachers and students in the archdiocese’s 67 Catholic schools;
  • offering Catholic young adult programs;
  • preparing catechists to teach the faith;
  • helping mothers choose life instead of abortion;
  • and sponsoring faith-centered activities for youth.


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