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Front pageOur June 15, 2018 issue

Local stories:

  • ‘We need you here and now’: Young people are key to life and mission of the Church, Archbishop Thompson says
    • Youths embrace pope’s invitation to share thoughts about their lives and the Church
  • Benedictine Father Columba Kelly was a pioneer in renewal of liturgical music
  • Circle of Giving recognizes donors for building up kingdom of God
  • Serra Club Vocations Essay: Priest helps St. Mary students grow in faith and ‘turn to God’ in prayer
  • From the Archives: Scrap metal drive at St. Roch Parish leads to unusual donation

Regular local features:

  • Christ the Cornerstone: Family and communion, the ‘driving force’ of human life
    • Cristo, la piedra angular: Familia y comunión: la fuerza que impulsa la vida humana
  • Editorial: Who is a ‘real’ Catholic?
  • From the Editor Emeritus: My final column trying to teach aspects of Catholicism
  • That All May Be One: The root of ecumenical efforts is Jesus’ command to love
  • Worship and Evangelization Outreach: Hospitality: the heart of evangelization
  • Reflection: Thank you, Jack, for your tireless commitment to our newspaper
  • Be Our Guest: This Father’s Day, thank ‘dear old dad’ for all his love and wisdom in life
  • Investing with Faith: Does attending Mass regularly make you a more charitable person?
  • Public Schedule of Archbishop Charles C. Thompson
  • Letters to the Editor
    • No letters were printed this week
  • Events Calendar
    • Conference marking 50th anniversary of ‘Humanae Vitae’ set for July 6-7 in Cincinnati
    • Fatima Retreat House to offer multiple-day silent directed retreats on July 13-20
  • Obituaries
    • General listing
  • My Journey to God: Rather

Catholic News Service:

  • New York court again rules Archbishop Sheen’s remains may be moved to Peoria
  • Religious freedom in U.S., world to be focus of June 22-29 observance
  • Pope accepts resignations of three Chilean bishops in wake of scandal
  • Pope: Small acts of kindness, not great speeches, show God’s love best
  • Pope advances sainthood cause for Mexican mother and Argentine martyrs
  • Papal diplomat says U.S.-North Korea summit brings hope for peace
  • Catholic scientists find camaraderie when discussing faith, research
  • Study: How Catholic schools foster self-discipline offers lessons
  • Young adult ministry leaders discuss ‘unique moment’ in Church
  • Panel sees return to respect for institutions as antidote to polarization
  • Space station crew members give pope custom-made blue flight suit
  • Column: We should use the power of courtesy to make life beautiful
  • The Sunday Readings: Eleventh Week of Ordinary Time
  • Question Corner: The Church offers many options for Scripture readings for funeral Masses


  • Parishes are learning to help ethnic groups grow in faith
  • Black Catholics bring many spiritual gifts to the universal Church

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