March 5, 2010

About the Rose Window at St. Anne Church

Nine priests assisted Archbishop Daniel M. Buechlein with the Mass of Dedication and Consecration of the New Altar on Feb. 28 at the new St. Anne Church in New Castle. The parish children raised the money to pay for the oak cross which holds the large corpus and hangs above the altar. (Photo by Mary Ann Wyand)

The Rose Window at St. Anne Church in New Castle. (Photo by Mary Ann Wyand)

Peter Weiland donated the Rose Window in the original St. Anne Church at 19th and Broad streets in New Castle in 1923 at a cost of $800.

Unfortunately, Weiland died before the church was completed and did not see the beautiful window installed in the church.

In 1963, the original window and wood frame were deteriorating. A new steel frame was installed and a new window made which involved salvaging the cherub faces from the 1923 Rose Window.

There were 5,500 pieces of glass in the window, each hand cut, painted and fired. This process took about five months to complete.

On April 7, 2007, when the church was burned, several pieces of the window were broken out so firefighters could push water through the opening. Therefore, no pieces of the window were salvaged.

The new Rose Window duplicates the replacement window installed in 1963. †

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