March 5, 2010

In Gratitude

All glory and praise are yours,
Lord God,
Lover of us all,
Creator of all that is beautiful.
We thank you for calling us in Jesus
To be your beloved people.
We thank you, Lord, for from ashes has arisen             
A church worthy of your praise.
From ashes have arisen generous hearts,
Open minds, greater unity and renewed vision
Among your sons and daughters.

May Your blessings be on us each time we enter this church.
In the stillness and the beauty,
In the solid, simple welcome of bricks,
Built on faith, vision and trust
Hallowed by prayers and pilgrim lives.

May Your blessings be among us as we stay in this church,
In shared prayer and common worship,
In the healing touch of community.

May Your blessings be with us as we go from this church,
In energy restored and vision focused
In the desire to be Christ for others,
In the knowledge that we are not alone.

May Your blessings and presence go with us
This day and every day.

St. Anne, pray for us.

By Sister Shirley Gerth, O.S.F.

(Franciscan Sister Shirley Gerth is the parish life coordinator of St. Anne Parish in New Castle and St. Rose Parish in Knightstown. She wrote this prayer in gratitude to the Lord on the occasion of the Mass of Dedication and Consecration of the New Altar for the new St. Anne Church on Feb. 28 in New Castle.)

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