January 29, 2010

My Journey to God

A Poem for Haiti

I must confess
I didn’t think about you much,
except there was that time once
when my friend, Susan,
stayed with you.
She dressed and healed your wounds,
helped you walk again,
and upon her return
I saw in her eyes
a love for you.

Three days ago,
the earth shook and quaked.
I saw Haiti fracture and break.
Painfully, words and pictures
came into view.
I began to learn more about you.
As I wrapped my heart and mind
around the devastation and pain,
I pleaded,
“How much more can Haiti take?”
The headlines read, “Tragedy, Redefined.”
Now I think of you all of the time.

Although I am not there,
please, please hear my deepest prayer
that God grant you
His infinite mercy and love,
dress and heal your wounds,
and help Haiti
walk again.

By Cathy Lamperski Dearing

(Cathy Lamperski Dearing is a member of St. Barnabas Parish in Indianapolis.)

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