December 2, 2005

Letters to the Editor

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Limiting pain doesn’t make it right

What a touching concept in the Nov. 11 Criterion on the U.S. House of Representative’s efforts to determine whether fetuses experience pain when they are aborted.

First, we should anesthetize them and then they can be killed. Exactly whose pain are these people trying to mitigate, anyway? Have we lost any sense of the gift of life here? Are we giving up on ending this holocaust?

-Dan Wickizer, Shelbyville


There are many challenges for the laity to address

As I finished reading John Fink’s editorial, “Challenge to the Laity,” in the Nov. 18 Criterion, I thought, is that all there is? It seems to me the challenge for all Christians is so much more than pre-marital sex, same-sex unions and filthy entertainment.

Christ talks more about justice for the poor and the needy than about sexual matters. Referring to the bishops writing about the apostolate, of lay people, Fink quotes, “Among the tasks of the apostolate Christian social action is preeminent.”

Our Church has such a strong and generous history of social action, which of course includes social justice for the poor and needy, that we are definitely not working to the extent of our possibilities if we are not involved in spreading Christ’s love this way.

Are we writing to our congressmen about providing a living wage for those who are working? Are we striving to get health care coverage for all our citizens? Are we interested in whether there is affordable housing for all people? Do we speak out against the death penalty as our Church now is? Were we outspoken against the war in Iraq as our Church was?

For me, these are the more difficult challenges in our culture.

-Gerard Burford, Indianapolis


Thank you, St. Pius X parishioners

The people from St. Pius X Parish in Indianapolis involved with the Communion ministry to the people at the Forum at the Crossing are to be commended for their wonderful spiritual program they faithfully have each Wednesday. Words can’t express how much they are appreciated.

-Pat Shea, Indianapolis


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