July 8, 2005

Letters to the Editor

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A judge’s politics do make a difference

I would like to briefly respond to Patrick Kelly’s letter to the editor of June 24. It sounds very civil to claim to be unconcerned about whether our judges are liberal or conservative. However, liberals certainly know the importance of appointing like-minded judges, and we pro-lifers can no longer afford to stick our heads in the sand concerning the power of judges in our country.

In 1973 our U.S. Supreme Court usurped the will of the people to give us abortion on demand. Those that choose to ignore that fact are ensuring our country of another 30 years of abortion on demand and another 40 million dead babies.

-Joyce Deitz, Richmond


Recent Supreme Court decisions raise concerns

I find it ironic, but hopefully educational, that Walter Aldorisio’s letter in the June 24 issue of The Criterion warning of the potential loss of freedoms under conservatives was published between two radical decisions of the liberals on the U.S. Supreme Court. The first took away the constitutional protection of property rights by allowing municipalities to take a private home to give to a different private owner. The second further limited our religious freedoms by restricting where the Ten Commandments may be displayed.

The conservative justices issued stinging dissents to both, but could not pull even one of the liberals over to support the original intent of the constitutional framers.

When it comes to the courts, just who is it we should fear when the issue is loss of freedoms?

-James Allison, Indianapolis


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