April 22, 2005

Letters to the Editor

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There are no letters to the editor in the April 22 issue, so here are the letters from April 15.

The Church and pope promote unchangeable faith and moral issues

On television, some people who were interviewed said that they loved our departed Holy Father though they disagreed with some of the teachings of the Church, including abortion.

I wonder if before they said anything or say anything to others about that issue, if they consider the risk they are taking by the influence they may have on others. Words said often become popularly true even if they are not.

In matters of disagreement with the Church regarding unchangeable faith and moral issues, high percentages of Catholics decide what is right by their feelings or popular opinion, cafeteria style.

The popular vote and private interpretation and revelation is what has done Satan’s work dividing the separated Churches, which disagreed with each other. There are around 30,000 denominations claiming the truth today.

Jesus founded just one Church, gave it the advocate, leadership and authority in the very important keys of the kingdom—what to teach and what to interpret—and said he would protect it from the gates of hades.

Two thousand years later, the Church is still teaching those truths, even if some of its teachers and members are not. It is bound to do so.

Ask yourself: “Could my actions be dividing the Church?”

If you pick and choose, and want abortion, women priests and the many things that the false prophets after Vatican II wrongly told us was or would be allowed, read Luke 10:16. Jesus said: “He that hears you hears me; and he that despises you despises me; and he that despises me despises him that sent me.”

Such disagreements are with God, not the messenger Church, which has his authority to teach and interpret. Which road—humility and obedience or pride? If we want more priests, we will increase prayers and devotions, and teach truth comprehensively, what love and what sins are by name. “Fear not,” said our pope.

-Dan Logan, Indianapolis

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