March 18, 2005

Letters to the Editor

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Thank you, faculty and staff from Brebeuf Jesuit

On March 7, the faculty and staff of Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School in Indianapolis gave a wonderful gift to the students, faculty and staff of St. Philip Neri School.

St. Philip’s provides a Catholic education to pre-school through grade eight students from lower income backgrounds, including many who are new immigrants from Mexico. It is difficult for us to keep our facilities looking good and in first-rate condition. In just a few short hours, our facilities were improved greatly by Brebeuf Jesuit’s faculty and staff.

Our hallways are bright with new paint and working overhead lights. Our gymnasium balcony and cubbyholes no longer pose a danger to students. Our lab’s computers are now virus-free. The list of the improvements made seems endless. Not only are our facilities in better condition, but Brebeuf [faculty and staff members]fed our children a delicious meal of grilled hamburgers (much better than their usual lunches).

It is faith-enhancing to see a group of Christian adults giving of their valuable time to help our children.

-Maureen A. Reynolds, principal of St. Philip Neri School, Indianapolis


Who will end the war in Iraq?

Lately, there has not been much in The Criterion about the war in Iraq. It is as if it is no longer going on. But we know from the news that it is going on, and getting worse.

True, you are not saying much to support the war. But you are not saying much to condemn it either. When we say or do nothing, we are complying with the atrocities committed on all sides.

Now, of course, I love every American soldier in Iraq, and every “insurgent” fighting for Iraq, and every suicide bomber martyring himself for the cause. But I vehemently oppose what they are doing to each other, and to mankind.

They are doing the work of the devil, in the name of God. And God is really embarrassed. After all, God created each American soldier, and Iraqi and the devil.

But God does not want them to do this. But God can do nothing about it. Only we can. For we are the instruments of God as well as the devil. Let us pray.

-Bob Nowicki, Indianapolis


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