Creation Care Ministries is part of the Office of Pastoral Ministries. For more information, contact Deacon Mike Braun at (317) 236-1531 or mbraun@archindy.org.

Summer 2019 Energy Audit Program for Parishes and Schools:

The Archindy Creation Care Committee is inviting parishes and schools to participate in an Energy Audit Program this summer.  A small group (up to 10 parishes) will be selected for an in-depth Sustainability Pilot program at no cost to the parish or school.  More details can be found here. To register your parish, please contact Deacon Mike Braun at mbraun@archindy.org or 317-236-1531.

Additionally, the Creation Care Committee is announcing opportunities for parish and schools to save energy, save money, and to live Laudato Si'. All are invited to participate in the a workshop entited "Using Energy Prudently in Sacred Sapces." (A modest fee may be charged to cover the cost of materials.) For those parishes/schools that are served by Indianapolis Power and Light, a free energy assessment can be arranged. For questions about the programs, contact Rosemary Spalding (rgspalding@spaldinglaw.net) or John Mundell (jmundell@mundellassociates.com or (317) 630-9060 ext. 111.)

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