Metropolitan Tribunal

Our staff

Main office:

  • 1400 N. Meridian Street
    Indianapolis, IN 46202-2367
  • 317-236-1460


  • Very Rev. Joseph L. Newton, JCL, Vicar Judicial
  • Rev. Msgr. Frederick C. Easton, JCL, Adjunct Vicar Judicial
  • Ann Tully, BS, MTS, Coordinator of the Tribunal, Judge Instructor/Assessor
  • Rev. Patrick Cooney, OSB, JCL, Defender of the Bond and Promoter of Justice
  • Rev. James R. Bonke, JCL, Defender of the Bond (part time)
  • Sr. Paula Modaff, S.P., Auditor (part time)
  • Nancy Thompson, Judge Instructor/Assessor
  • Joseph Gehret, Advocate
  • Kay Summers, MAPT, Ecclesiastical Notary/Assessor
  • Daniel Ross, Ecclesiastical Notary
  • Swiden Torres-Torrijos, Ecclesiastical Notary

Other Staff (Part-time volunteers)

  • Rev. Robert Gilday, STB, Adjunct Vicar Judicial
  • Rev. Paul M. Shikany, JCL, Adjunct Vicar Judicial
  • Rev. Stanley Pondo, JD, JCD, Adjunct Vicar Judicial
  • Rev. J. Nicholas Dant, MDiv, STL, Archdiocesan Judge
  • Rev. Stephen Giannini MA, MS, MDiv, Archdiocesan Judge
  • Rev. Vincent Lampert, MDiv, Archdiocesan Judge
  • Rev. Clifford Vogelsang, STB, MDiv, Archdiocesan Judge

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