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The Archdiocese of Indianapolis is a Christ-centered Catholic community that upholds the dignity of every human person touched by crime in order to practice mercy, and foster hope and peace.


The mission of prison ministry in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis is to create an environment of trust through a lens of Catholic social teaching by witnessing the Gospel to the incarcerated, formerly incarcerated and victims/families, through healing and mentoring processes. The Archdiocese is committed to actively engaging parishes and parishioners to educate and advocate for policies that help reduce violence and provide for the pastoral needs of all affected by crime.


Priorities for Prison and Jail Ministry as developed by the Archdiocesan Task Force:

  1. Foster education:  for parishes to gain a better understanding of Catholic Social Teaching (CST).
  2. Extend pastoral care:  effectively minister to persons in prison or jail.
  3. Assist persons in transition: provide services and effectively minister to returning citizens.
  4. Engage parishes: seek greater involvement of parishioners in support ministries.
  5. Build for success:  establish an infrastructure with resources to lead, coordinate and communicate.


Every day citizens are returning from incarceration to our communities and our churches.


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Please consider being part of the archdiocesan effort to minister to all touched by crime as we strive for restorative justice.

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