The Charitable Gift Annuity

In a simple agreement between you and the Catholic Community Foundation, you donate cash or appreciated property (stock) to fund a charitable gift annuity. In return, the foundation agrees to pay you or a person(s) you choose income for life or a period of years.

In addition to receiving an immediate tax deduction, a portion of the income received is tax-free. If appreciated assets are donated, a portion of the tax due on its increased value is avoided. The balance of the capital gains tax that is due is spread out over the life of the person receiving the income.

Personal Need: A donor wants to make a gift to the Church but needs money to supplement income.

Solution: The donor and the Catholic Community Foundation enter into a charitable gift annuity agreement.


  • Fixed payments for life
  • Partly tax-free income for donor or loved one(s)
  • Rates by age (rates are higher for older annuitants)
  • Charitable tax deduction

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Give Something & Get Something in Return

Gift Annuities

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