Donate to Notre Dame ACE Academies (Mother Theodore Catholic Academies)

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For anyone living in Indiana you have the option of donating to the Notre Dame ACE Academies (Mother Theodore Catholic Academies) by utilizing the Educational CHOICE Scholarship Tax Credit (SGO).  You could be eligible to receive an Indiana State Tax Credit for your donation.

The purpose of an SGO is to assist families with the cost of Catholic education. The school choice initiatives passed by the Indiana Legislature in 2011 allows the Archdiocese of Indianapolis to assist more families with their Catholic school tuition and invites more families to enroll their children in our schools, and this will then qualify kindergarten students for the new state scholarships vouchers. It is important to identify every potential eligible family and student in every Catholic school community and qualify him/her for an SGO Scholarship for the two semesters of kindergarten. This could possibly qualify the student for a state voucher of $4,500 or more a year for the next 12 years of schools --$54,000 - $60,000!  Contact the MTCA office if you have any questions, 317-236-7324.


To donate to our schools and receive the Indiana State Tax Credit,
please complete this form
or visit to make an online gift.
When making an online gift, select MTCA (Notre Dame ACE) – Indianapolis to ensure the funds are directed appropriately.

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