A critical part of growing as a leader is to focus upon competency areas for effective leadership, becoming aware of areas of leadership strength and areas for leadership development. A coach can be one of the resources available to improve behavior/performance as an effective leader.

To become aware of the competency areas for priests and lay leaders embedded within the Catholic Leadership 360 process: Click here for lay leaders | Click here for priests

To become aware of the role and commitment of a coach: Role| Commitment

To become aware of available coaches, according to competency areas, click here.

For a list of coaches and their competency areas click here.

To view bios and pictures of coaches, click here.

Archdiocesan Pastoral Leadership Coaches: click here for coach specific information.

To view the presentation "Coaching for Pastoral Leaders" given Obtober 25, 2016 by leadership consultant Jim Funk at the priest/PLC fall business meeting click here.

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