December 22, 2017

Readers share their favorite Christmas memories

Daughter’s birth in December was young mother’s best Christmas gift

Angela Crecelius

December 1987 was a wonderful and exciting time for my family. I was expecting my second child the week before Christmas. My son was 2 and very excited about the new baby who was in my “pocket.” He was also excited about all the Christmas decorations, especially the tree.

As we attended Advent Mass one Sunday morning, our church sang the song “Gentle Woman” for the first time. I was so moved by the beauty of the song’s lyrics, especially the lines, “Blessed are you among women, bless in turn all women too, blessed they with peaceful spirits, blessed they with gentle hearts.”

It moved me to tears to connect with Our Lady as an expectant mother at Christmas. I truly felt blessed to share this special bond with Mary.

My blessings were even greater when my daughter was born on Dec. 17. My blessings continue as she turns 30 this year, and is the mother of two little boys.

She truly was my best Christmas present.

(Angela Crecelius is a member of St. Joseph Parish in Crawford County.)

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