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Holy Family Services: Emergency Shelter and Transitional Housing

Holy Family Shelter: 317-635-7830
907 N. Holmes Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46222

Serving more than 1,000 people each year, Holy Family Shelter addresses the increasing demand for emergency shelter in Indianapolis and the central Indiana area by providing residential services designed to move homeless families to self-sufficiency.

The shelter has the capacity to house up to 22 families on any given night. Depending on family size, there are 55-85 individuals living at the shelter every night. This is their "home" while they are with us and we take this responsibility to heart. We work diligently to provide food, shelter, basic material needs and a safe place for families in crisis to begin to heal. Our case managers provide comprehensive services to assist families in setting goals & priorities, obtaining life skills such as budgeting, communication skills, parenting, stress management and more as families begin their journey to permanent housing.

Questions about dropping off donated items can be directed to Taylor Clark (635-7830, ext. 19).

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Holy Family Transitional Housing: 317-635-7830
Contact Nicole Wright at

Holy Family Transitional Services, provides housing and supportive social services to homeless families once they have moved out of the emergency shelter. This program primarily targets homeless families who face the most complex challenges and have serious, persistent issues that can quickly lead to falling back into homelessness if not supported. The combination of housing and comprehensive case management has proven to be a cost-effective way to help homeless families mantain permanent housing while living a more stable, productive life.

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